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In Modeling / entertainment industry, it is mandatory for every model & actor to have a good professional portfolio. Because portfolio act as an important marketing tool for a model or an actor. That is why, we provide exclusive Fashion & glamour portfolio making services for all kids, male & female models on a very reasonable amount.

The first step in becoming a model is building your modelling portfolio. Your portfolio is like your resume. It’s the first and often only impression that an agency or client gets. When they are considering you for a job. It’s not only a collection of images. But a showcase of your talent and experience as a model.

It showcases your strong points through high-quality, stunning images. One of the first requirements from a model that agencies and clients will look at to make a great first impression is the modeling portfolio.

Every fashion model needs a modeling agency to create a modelling portfolio. So create your stunning modelling portfolio with Kaalia Modelling Agency.

( Fashion Portfolio with 4-5 looks photo shoot & Fashion & glamour portfolio with 8-10 looks photo shoot).


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The most important thing to determine in the beginning is what type of model you hope to be. Clients look for different things in their commercial models to their ramp models; and consequently, the images that you include in your modelling portfolio should reflect the type of modelling you want to get into.

What is required in a portfolio across all types of modelling is a profile page . Which is a page that has all your details on it. This includes height, weight, measurements, dress size, shoe size, age, hair colour, eye colour and any noticeable body aspects like scars or tattoos. Your photos should reflect the type of modeling you’re hoping to get into. Whether it’s commercial modeling, fashion modeling, live modeling, catwalk/runway modeling, or even stock photo modeling. Specifying it early on will not only help you focus on marketing yourself for the part but will also make it easier for recruiters and agencies to place you in a particular category.


Kaalia is one of the top Modeling consulting agencies in India. That provides best model promotion, casting, portfolio shoots and advertising photo shoots

If you think, you have it in you to be a model in any of the following: email us your pictures(regular or professional)  to with your height, body vitals with contact number and current location.

The world of modeling has something for everyone. There are so many niches and specializations that you can find at least one that fits your look and personality. Once you decide becoming a model is the right move, it’s time to choose which path you’ll take to get there. We have work for below types of models.