Coats have a unique personality and style.  Depending upon the coat type and the inner suit put on, coat has a different distinguished look, which gives an individual an entirely different feel. We have professional coats, casual coats and also coat that give a sophisticated appearance despite being informal. Let’s now look at the different kinds of coats available.

Morning Coat: A morning coat has a front that meets in the middle at one button, gradually curving away towards the back into a pair.  A morning coat now has become the frock coat adorned as formal day wear or full dress.

Basque Coat: It is a long jacket by a close, contoured fit that extends the waistline over the hips.

Evening Coat: An evening coat should also give glamour and charisma. Faux fur coats and wool blend coat are the finest examples of evening coats. While soft fur coat reveal a classic look and luxurious feeling, wool coat display classy appearance and look best when worn over a dress.

Weekend Coat: A weekend coat is one for a more casual look, suede coat that are more suitable for weekend activities. Conversely, reveal a sporty look with parkas that come in different colors. If you prefer to enjoy the chilly winter season, choose long coats that provide warmer feelings. Or, sport a short coat for a more casual style.

Dinner Coat: Dinner coats are a dress code for semi-formal and formal evening events. Though it is generally black, but one can find men wearing midnight blue colored dinner coat as well.

Spencer Coat: A Spencer coat was a woolen outer tail-coat with its tails chopped off. It was a waist-length, double-breasted man’s jacket that found its place over a long-tailed coat worn as an extra covering.