Lights, camera, action! Everyone wants to hear these three words being said to them. Everyone wants to be on the front page of the biggest fashion magazines. In short, everyone wants to become a model. You need to work on many things once you decide to become a model. Your face needs to be perfect, your body needs to be perfect and even your hair needs to be perfect. But on top of all that the most important thing that needs to perfect is your ability to deal with situations and your intelligence level. In a country like India, there are many such platforms which provide worldwide recognition and acclaim to young aspiring models. You need to fit in all of the above criteria to become a full fledged model. Some major platforms to acclaim the status of a super model are Mr. India and Ms. India.

Mr. India and Ms. India – The widely known and world famous Mr. India and Ms. India contest is held every year to reward the men and women for their hard work and looks. It provides a colossal platform for all the young boys and girls to come and showcase their talents in front of the world. Sponsored by the femina group it is one of the major programs run in the country with contests that are conducted every year. Thousands of candidates fill in their forms to become a part of this brand and this huge glam world. A person who has a good physique and has a good sense of humor is then one grabs the title of Mr. and Ms. India. It also has a platform in various fields like commercial models or T.V advertisements. Femina being a common sponsor for beauty, health, food, buzz, travel, spotlight etc gives a huge platform to the boys and girls to know their abilities. It is known as the biggest fashion premium for all the aspiring models out in the world waiting to present their talent in front of the world. This grand event provides a chance to all the boys and girls to prove their potential and make their name not only in their country but also around the world. If you are willing to make a career in the modeling world then Femina Mr. and Ms. India is the best choice to prove your talent and live your dreams.

Modeling agencies– Whenever we hear of the word modeling, the first thing that comes into our minds are the agencies which provide a direct route to the modeling world. There are many modeling agencies in the country which provide the adequate amount of training and grooming to every aspirant so that he becomes an established model in the future.
Walking, dressing, talking, eating everything is taught in the boot camp which is conducted by the top modeling agencies in the country. These agencies provide a huge carrier platform for all the aspirants who wish to become a model in life. It requires men and women who are strong, independent and who can deal with every situation in life and carry everything with ease and grace. Good looking girls and boys are given different endorsement of products so that they establish themselves as settled models in the future. You will also get a large amount of exposure in the stage modeling and stage shows for designers which will provide you with all the needed knowledge about this field once you join a good and reputed modeling agency.
These were some of the huge and prominent platforms which can give you entry in the desired field of modeling and glamour world to follow your dreams and become a famous model.